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DJ. Director. Spiritual Chia Pet.


Hailing from Jersey City, NJ with a strong eye and ear for design, THEakasha is an open format DJ, visual director, and art enthusiast. 

Spinning gigs from New York City to Miami, she's associated with acts like Ivy Sole, Kari Faux, Bri Steves, and Liana Banks. She's also been affiliated with brands like The Source MagazineDinnerland network, CreniusInstitute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship, Grammy U, Heineken, and more.

In addition to being a Temple University graduate with a BA in Media Studies & Production, Akasha is also winner of the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media scholarship, winner of the Gilman International scholarship, a Golden Key Honor Society member, and creator of Throwback Underground, an original old-school/new-school hip hop radio show powered by iHeart radio and Temple University's WHIP radio.

With a passion for auditory and visual aesthetic, Akasha aims to use her talents to inspire the masses, impact local communities, cultivate strong networks between women and creatives, and be an influential force in the industries she flourishes in.