DJ. Director. Spiritual Chia Pet.


Hailing from Jersey City, NJ with a strong eye and ear for design, THEakasha is an open format DJ, visual director, and art enthusiast.

Spinning gigs from New York City to Seattle to Miami, she has toured twelve cities and counting also performing alongside acts such as Just Blaze, Natasha Diggs, Ivy Sole, Kari Faux, and Bri Steves. With humble beginnings at iHeart radio and Temple University's WHIP radio, THEakasha aims to compel people to engage in free movement with every track she plays.

“Free movement is the most natural, freeing, healthy thing we can do with our physical bodies; yet, as we grow older and grow more conditioned, many of us stray so far away from that. My preferred kind of activism is destroying those barriers through music and making those who say things like “I don’t dance”, dance. Freely.”

With a passion for auditory and visual aesthetics, THEakasha aims to use her talents to inspire the masses, impact local communities, and cultivate strong networks between women and creatives while growing as an influential force in the industries she continues to flourish in.

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