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Jah the DJ & I had a dope ass B2B session that resulted in the first installment of my newest mix series, #FORTHELOVEOFMUSIC ✨🚀

My main mission as a disc jockey and sound director is to compel folks to engage in free movement with every track I spin. From the moment we exit a womb, free movement is the most natural, freeing, healthy thing we can do with our physical bodies; yet as we grow older and grow more conditioned, many of us stray so far away from that. “I don’t know how to dance” “I dont know how to dance to this music” or “I don’t know how to do THAT dance” are some of the lines that keeps many people from accessing that freedom. I want to destroy those barriers. My preferred kind of activism is making people who say “I don’t dance”, dance and ‘For the Love of Music’ is a direct manifestation of that, in every form.


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tee time with THEakasha:

Inspired by and dedicated to my first love, tee, 'tee time', is a series of blended music for lovers in all stages. I encourage you all to sip on your favorite herbal tea as you embark on this journey in love with me.

THEakasha for Rinse FM:

THEakasha for The Source Magazine:

THEakasha for Wavy Sound:

THEakasha originals:

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